How to Redact PDFs

An easy-to-use free alternative to Adobe that allows you to remove text and hidden data from PDF documents.

free online tool to redact and remove text from legal documents

Easy to Use PDF Redaction, Completely Free.

solution to upload legal documents securely and redact text and images
Step 1

Upload your Document

Instead of using Adobe Acrobat to remove text and data, or manually printing and scanning legal documents to remove content, use our free online solution. Start by uploading a PDF document.
free online editor to redact and remove text from legal documents
Step 2

Remove Text and Data

Once the PDF document is uploaded, easily draw over the sections of text you want to remove using our web-based editor. We only temporarily store the document while you edit and redact content from it.
export and download redacted document from online solution
Step 3

Download your Document

Download the PDF document with redacted text and hidden metadata removed. The redacted text will be blackout in the produced PDF document. Once downloaded, the temporary file will be removed from our servers leaving no trace behind.

Redact a PDF document

Start by uploading a PDF document. Drag and drop a PDF document below or click to upload.

preparing document..
Your browser may not support the upload process above. We recommend to use this free tool on a desktop or laptop computer with a larger screen size.
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"We build solutions for modern legal teams. This free PDF redactor tool is a component from our complete eDiscovery solution."

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Privacy & Security

Secured to your machine

All processing is secured to your unique browser. Each browser session gets a cookie. As soon as your session expires (30minutes) or your cookies are cleared, we destroy the session and the uploaded file is removed.

30 minute data retention

Documents are temporarily stored for a maximum of 30 minutes before they are removed from our servers. We do not retain a copy, nor inspect the documents uploaded. You must complete the redacting during the 30 minute time.

Hidden metadata removed

Some documents include hidden data as part of the file's properties. Our tools scrubs this hidden data including:

  • Creator / Editor
  • Text / Embedded Information
  • Metadata attached to images
  • Timestamps

Video tutorial on how Remove Text from PDFs

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Free PDF Redactor
Your fast and free solution to redact text and data from documents including PDFs. The best alternative to using Adobe products.

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